System Administration
Reed Bend Software, Inc.
Building useful, fast, and maintainable distributed systems is not out of reach for small teams. Reed Bend Software builds products requiring high-performance APIs, scalable asynchronous work systems, and tight control of external integrations.
I'm eager to share our first product: Yupdates. Research and development began December 2020 and the company was founded in August 2021. It is owned and operated entirely by Tim Freeman (peakscale.com).
-d, --dry-run
Best to way operate right now because there are still a few pieces missing.
-v, --verbose
Looking forward to implementing this flag!
I wrote about how the business started in this post.
The name comes from a line of sayings about how a reed bends in the wind, unlike a tree that is blown over despite its size and strength. Being able to adapt to new information and constraints is a foundational principle for our software and employees.
Tim Freeman, Founder/CEO. You can email me using "timf" @ the current domain name for anything regarding the company.